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May 12, 2011

Viral vs Intellectual, the quest for survival.

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I do not wish to mock the afflicted, but sometimes ridiculing people for their stupidity is the simplest and quickest way to educate them, shades of the fable about the Emperor with no clothes.

No names and no pack drill, but there is a certain commenter on The Spearhead who vehemently believes in “the illuminati” and “secret cabals” and “master plans.”

I get where he is coming from, look at my own False Rape Accusation made as integral part of a separation and child custody battle, two years and counting of everyone (95% female) involved getting it consistently ass backward as possible, what else could it possibly be except incompetence or corruption, and since nobody can be that stupid, it has to be corruption, it has to be policy, right? right? RIGHT?

Well, no…

When all the daffodils sprout and flower at the same time, we do not accuse them of being in a cabal, when all the bluebells come out 4 weeks early together, we do not accuse them of being part of the illuminati, when all the lambs are born within a couple of weeks of each other we do not accuse them of being part of some master plan.

All these seemingly directed and concerted and co-ordinated events just happen because the conditions are right for them to happen.

Worldwide slut marches appearing within a couple of weeks of the first one does not require any co-ordination, co-operation or even intelligent decision, all it requires is the correct conditions and the event in question will spread virally, not intellectually.

My False Rape Accusation and subsequent separation and custody battle rolling on for two years yet consistently getting the whole thing ass backward and painting the instigator as the victim does not require either system wide incompetence (though it helps.. lol) or system wide corruption, the illuminati, master plans or anything else…. all it requires is that the conditions are right for such things to flourish.

And boy do they ever, over at the False Rape Society (link on the top right of this page) they don’t talk about anything else except False Rape Accusations, and they simply do not have the staff or manpower to publish more than one or two stories a day, which doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the problem.

It does not take an illuminati to steer human society in such a way that these things happen, any more than it takes the hand of god intervening to ensure that all the daffodils come out together, and if you actually start using your fucking brain and looking, you will see that they don’t, get in your car and drive 250 miles north to a different climate and the daffs come out a week or two later, drive the other way to a different country and the horrors of feminism manifest themselves on a timescale a few years advanced or retarded from your own… all it requires is that the conditions are right for such things to flourish.

Now, what do we do about it?

Well, again, if we start punishing individual false rape accusers, it is a bit like cutting the heads of individual daffodils, it doesn’t do a damned thing to change the conditions in which they flourish…

To do that, we need to roll back ALL the changes in rape and sexual assault legislation to around 1970, and in practical terms that is rather like sitting in a field full of daffodils and stating that all you need to do is roll back the climate to (northern hemisphere) January 12th, and everything will be fine…


Get realistic, you can’t roll anything back, you can’t un-ring a bell, or put humpty-dumpty back together… that’s WHY we used to teach children nursery rhymes, to educate them, to teach them that time and entropy are a one way street.

What you CAN do is roll things forwards.

You CAN do this because you are not working against a directed effort of the illuminati, all you are working against is the momentum of society, and all you have to do is analyse the current conditions, and come up with a suitable viral infection that will anticipate the trends in conditions, spread, and become a pandemic.

This actually isn’t a big deal, “hoover”, to give just one example, “iphone” to give another, here in the UK in the political scene AV (alternative vote) is a classic example of a flop, a virus that wasn’t suited to conditions, which shouldn’t have been a surprise since David Owen tried basically the same thing in the seventies with the then Liberal / Social / Democrat party…

Just like the daffs, you need appropriate conditions to breed political change, look at Lech Walesa and the Solidarity movement in Poland for an excellent example of how the tiniest possible amount of viral infection is sufficient, IF CONDITIONS ARE RIGHT, to spread, become pandemic, and to bring about major change.

The advance of feminism is therefore not some grand design by the illuminati or anyone else, but merely the spread of several similar viral plagues, and it has to be said that in real terms to society as a whole these are all rather mild viral plagues, and given time they make their changes in society as a whole. (we can draw further accurate analogies to successive viral infections weakening and changing an individual)

AS society evolves, the viral plagues that are feminism must also evolve, the white feathers campaign simply would not work today, the conditions are wrong.

So, let’s take all that we have discussed so far, and move on and draw some logical and inevitable and unavoidable conclusions…

We can’t roll back, but we can go forwards, and if the right (for our needs as men) social viral meme is created at the right time in the right conditions, then we will effect major social change, and in effect roll the climate clock forwards to next spring and conditions where the daffs will no longer flower.

While specifying, designing or creating that particular viral meme is the 64 million dollar question (even I am not that smart… lol) we can nonetheless, like scientists, come up with a broad description of what it will look like, and make some educated guesses about its nature.

  1. It is a reasonable assumption that the economy is going to be a factor, wimminz employed in useless jobs, divorced dads giving up work, the financial and social cost of criminalising non-payment of alimony, etc.
  2. It is a reasonable assumption that broken homes and kids raised in broken homes by wimminz are going to be a factor.
  3. It is a reasonable assumption that western societal dissatisfaction with the fading of our industrial might versus the rising might of previously impoverished nations will be a factor, see point #1 about the economy and balance of payments, for example the last plant that manufactured electrical cable in the UK closed last year, ALL our wire is now imported… this is just one small example.
  4. It is a reasonable assumption that the internet (not just giving alternative views to many, but also giving voice to many) will be a factor, even if that factor is only to reduce the ability of societies to resist the spread of viral memes by differentiation, the internet makes for a monoculture, like bananas, all commercially grown bananas are Cavendish, and are all actually clones of the same single plant, with attendant problems, Cavendish bananas are getting ever more difficult to grow successfully, conditions are changing, viral and parasitic vectors are evolving to prey upon Cavendish bananas.
  5. It is a reasonable assumption that we are entering an era where global resource wars are inevitable, it can be argued that Iraq and Afghanistan etc are nothing more than oil wars.

So where does this leave us? With five basic assumptions that this meme virus is going to exhibit, the economy, single parent families, fading industrial supremacy, the internet, and global resource wars… doesn’t take a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to be able to draw lots of interconnected lines between those…

Kids raised in single parent households by wimminz aren’t about to fight for countries or societies that they feel they have no stake in, or work themselves up the career ladder at Intel, or want to pay any taxes to support other wimminz or keep men who don’t pay alimony in prison.

Equally, because this meme virus MUST survive in the extant conditions of the society of today and the future, we can be pretty certain that characteristics that it will exhibit will NOT be for example a parallel to the suffragette movement, a major further push for wimminz “rights”, the days of the wimminz pandemic virus meme are over for quite some time, all we will see is an ongoing series of milder epidemic wimminz virus memes, such as the current slutwalk crap.

We can speculate, and say that with the worsening economy the government may decide that in 2012 ALL burglary and theft = prison sentence (shades of this beginning as we speak actually) and due to the limited resources of the prison service ALL non payment of alimony and minor domestic stuff is dealt with by other means (NOT fines, because non payment of fines = prison time) such as perhaps community works.

We can speculate, look at the uprisings in Egypt and Libya, watch dominoes fall, and see that the first western society to make major changes will trigger a rush to follow suit.

We can speculate, and say that the increasing burden of balance of payments deficits when everything is imported will spur a resurgence in local industrial production, which requires workers, which requires an educational system (you can’t lay brick unless you master mathematics… how many bricks and how much cement for a cavity wall 30 foot by 18 foot?) which requires pupils who learn, which requires traditional nuclear families with two parents as a minimum, and ideally a constellation of aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents to boot, all achievable with the stroke of a pen re-writing tax breaks and state benefits.

We can speculate, and say that with increasing poverty, individual single parent wimminz households on their own plot of land are unsustainable, and financial pressures will force the move to Russian style high density communal housing.

We can speculate, and say that with the ever increasing technological needs of society, when even your average cop on the street is backed up by ever increasing quantities of ever higher tech stuff, it will become a matter of national security to have an educated and intellectual (eg male) workforce… today the London police announced the purchase of suspect tracking and analysis software from the United States, think Hollywood CSi meets minority report, in another few years the only place to buy such software will be India or China, and that dog won’t hunt…. look at the stuxnet story… and sod the Police, do a stuxnet to FedEX or the Post Office or the National Grid or the Water Co or even Walmart, and you bring an economy to its knees overnight…. especially a western, no local stock, “just in time” economy…

So we can speculate, and assume with some significant degree of confidence, that this new meme virus will feature heavily the sentiment expressed by Carl Sagan, that we have a society built upon science and technology, being run by people who haven’t got a fucking clue about science and technology, and the inevitable end result is a major fuckup.

Like a Chernobyl, on sterioids, on western soil, or a Union Carbide (bhopal) on western soil, or Fukishima, but just “the big one” hitting the San Andreas, or just a return of the 1916 flu pandemic.

What we do know for certain is that nature abhors a vacuum, and nature evolves to fit every possible ecological niche, and then some, and that our much vaunted modern western technological society is as natural and as subject to natures whims as a bee colony.

If you, you reading this right now, wish to survive and prosper, you need to realise that there is no illuminati, no cabal, no global organisation of feminists, no master plan, no nothing except ongoing, developing and evolving sets of conditions in which some things flourish and other fade, and in which we ourselves are part of the ongoing story.

All there is are viral memes constantly evolving and trying every possible permutation in the ongoing evolution of the things that we call modern human society.

These memes are as uncontrollable as daffodils.

Welcome to chaos theory.

Celebrate with me, because NOTHING CAN POSSIBLY ENSURE INDIVIDUAL DESTRUCTION in this soup as much or as certainly as the stupid feminist idea that you are a precious fucking snowflake who is entitled to anything and everything required to stop the world so you can continue to be a precious snowflake come high summer.


  1. In America states are reimbursed by the federal government for child support enforcement, including jailing those who are behind in support. On the other hand, common criminals jail expenses are paid for by the state. So, in an overcrowding situation who do you think they let out first … the guy who broke into your home or the guy who lost his job and fell behind on his support payments? There is more fiscal incentive to detain the “deadbeat.”

    Where there is incentive to do wrong, wrong is usually done.

    I do agree with you though, there is no going back, only forward. All large empires in history crumble from within.

    So … how do we help it along?

    Comment by Rumour — May 12, 2011 @ 4:20 pm

  2. “To do that, we need to roll back ALL the changes in rape and sexual assault legislation to around 1970, and in practical terms that is rather like sitting in a field full of daffodils and stating that all you need to do is roll back the climate to (northern hemisphere) January 12th, and everything will be fine…


    No doubts on this one! It would take a complete reversal of entropy. I do like this post and will have to read it a few more times to fully absorb it’s beauty.

    P.S. A NSFH warning would have been nice! Jesus Christ! H=Humanity!

    Comment by Zilchy — May 12, 2011 @ 10:16 pm

  3. I subscribed to MS. magazine for many years until perhaps the late 80’s. And, they said there was a national organization which met to scheme. A few weeks after they stated their plan in MS. it would be in the news. If you would like to believe your own unsupported theory of an absence of a feminist planning organization, feel free, but don’t be surprised if some of us don’t buy it.

    Comment by Anonymous age 69 — May 13, 2011 @ 1:34 am

  4. I agree there’s little prospect of a return to any previous legal system, unless things get so bad people start getting nostalgic for the 19th century.

    “Moving forward” to me means a new seasons in which the weather kills off the daffodils. In other words, the social climate becomes frosty towards the idea of giving women a free ride.

    There are two broad areas where women get a free ride. First, they can get reasonably well paid job in which they produce very little of value, so they don’t need a man to support them. Second, they can get benefits and services from the government that far outweigh what little taxes they pay – education, healthcare, family court and police enforcement of claims against men.

    So the end of the free ride implies that economic and social conditions will create a much tougher work environment, where there are fewer jobs for unproductive people and employers don’t tolerate any slackers. And it also implies a greatly reduced tolerance for government waste, handouts and benefits and bureaucratic interference in peoples lives.

    Tough workplaces presuppose a great depression or a permanent downshift in the developed economies. Small government can only come about if tax revenues collapse, governments are forced to rein in spending by an inability to borrow, and it becomes politically impossible to raise taxes to cover spending because incomes have collapsed.

    In other words, if the West gets poor enough, governments will be broke and forced to slash public sector employment, slash benefits, slash services, and this will involve a reduction in areas like “child protection”, family court and police enforcement of frivolous claims.
    Employers will be demanding that everyone work hard, even women, and there will be no more cushy jobs that produce nothing.

    But this kind of “permanent depression” scenario can only happen after governments lose their ability to borrow. But if they can’t borrow, they’ll just print money. So they have to lose the ability to print as well – which would happen if inflation gets so out of control that it becomes the number one political issue, and governments who print money get thrown out.

    So maybe I can see this. The West slides into a long term economic funk as our bankrupt policies catch up with us. Governments print money to keep the whole charage going, but eventually inflation gets so out of control that people are struggling to put food on the table and they take to the streets demanding change. A {new?) party at the next election promises to end inflation, balance the budget and stop printing money, but warn they will have to make HUGE cuts to government programs in EVERY area to achieve this. Things are so bad that they actually get elected in on a program of “blood, sweat and tears” and they make drastic cuts to all programs.

    The result is that there is smaller government, lower pay for everyone, fewer entitlements, less goverment interference, everyone works hard and minds there own business.

    Women now find they have to work HARD to make ends meet, many are unemployed, it’s hard to find a man with a good job and the men are a lot less tolerant of bullshit because they have it tough too. Everyone is much poorer. The cops are too busy responding to break-ins to listen to false allegations.

    The social mood is heavily against free-loaders so there is little tolerance for people who waste the courts time with lawsuits. Laws get changed to reduce payouts in the case of divorce because people have little tolerance for people who don’t work hard.

    So I’m imagining a situation where economic conditions in the West approach that of the Third World, and because everyone is working hard and living poor they resent anyone who gets an easy ride, including lazy women.

    To actually get to that point I think you’d need a twenty year depression, a period of high inflation bordering on hyperinflation that makes it hard just to put food on the table, a drop of living standards by at least half as First and Third world meet in the middle, the bankruptcy of our governments, and a sense that our society had failed and we’re all doing it tough, so we can’t tolerate people who don’t pull their weight.
    Things have to get bad enough that you can run for office on a platform of turning the world upside down, and they’ll vote you in.

    I think that’s possible, but not this decade.

    Comment by ThousandMileMargin — May 14, 2011 @ 10:17 am

    • mmm, except we are IN a 20 year depression, and have been ever since we started outsourcing etc… you can NEVER see these things from within.

      The Weimar Republic had hyperinflation and crashed and burned real fast, but they spent 20 years building the bonfire under themselves, just as we in the west have been doing….

      thanks for the comments, all commenters, by the way

      Comment by wimminz — May 14, 2011 @ 10:23 am

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