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May 9, 2011

A quandary for skanks

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I figure I have done enough writing about the nuts and bolts of internet dating, and so these posts (posts, not pages, the difference in WordPress is important) are more of a commentary.

One of the essential lessons you must learn is that you must dominate all discourse with wimminz, if you don’t, they will, and that will cost you… let me give you an example.

If you are in the early stages of internet dating with a wimminz, she is, naturally, going to try to paint herself in a good light, instead of telling the truth, that she is a skank ho.

This painting in a good light will include everything from “NO I do not take it up the ass” through “No I do not like being tied up” to “No I am not submissive.”

This is bad for you because if you allow these things to be said unchallenged, the wimminz finds herself painted into a corner, she can’t ask to TIUTA, nor can she let you suggest it, and so both you and her lose out, which means that before the sexual relationship has even started, the seeds of its own destruction have already been planted, watered and germinated.

You might as well quit and walk away.

I have one at the moment on the production line, she identifies herself very strongly as feminist, the only possible correct approach is to laugh good naturedly, reassure her that no real man would waste his time on a feminist, as in fact feminism is merely self identification as being not enough of a woman to attract a good man…

Therefore the claim of feminism is in fact nothing more than the admission that she has NEVER had a real man…. time to “woman up” and offer herself, without limit…

These skanks will balk at the mention of bondage with rope or leather, and then suggest that bondage with a silk scarf is interesting, at which point you relate to them the story of Oscar Wilde at a party;

Wilde – “Madam, would you sleep with me for a thousand Guineas?” (A Guinea was one Pound and one Shilling)

Woman – “Why, of course Mr Wilde!

Wilde wanders off, and circulates through the party, and approaches the same woman around an hour later;

Wilde – “Madam, would you sleep with me for one Guinea?

Woman – “Why, Mr Wilde, do you take me for a whore?

Wilde – “We have already settled that Madam, we are now merely negotiating the price.

You see, it is essential that you adopt an attitude that basically says, OK babe, I know all you wimminz are skank ho’s, and I don’t give a flying fuck what delusions you hold about yourself, so long as you know not to utter them to me, because far from confirming them, I will shoot you down in flames, bitch.

The fact is that dominating the discourse is as simple as refusing to agree with any of their notions about themselves, and laughing out loud instead.

It has to be said, once you have reached this stage, you have to have made at least some attempt to educate yourself as a Man, for example once you stop laughing at the very idea of feminism as a self fulfilling prophecy for wimminz who are inadequate to attract a man, you quote Marxism, which the feminist wimminz will relate to, and explain that the problem is not with Marxism, or the fact that feminism is Marxism by any other name, the problem is the wimminz fundamental Marxist mistake is in the assumption that they control the means of production, and that the men therefore must go cap in hand to get any pussy.

You laugh again at such childish naivete and stupidity.

You are doing both the wimminz and yourself a favour, by not allowing them to paint themselves into a corner where they don’t TIUTA, swallow, or kneel… lol

Again, of course, a certain proportion of wimminz will freak out, this is good, they have done you a favour, this is your early warning system… it is all very well learning about the true nature of wimminz, but you also need to learn about the true nature of Men, and we are hardwired by our DNA to do deals with the devil in order to spread our seed and pass on our DNA

Unless you constantly remind yourself of the true nature of one side of the coin, wimminz, you will fail to constantly remind yourself of the true nature of the other side of the coin, YOU, and you, buddy, are your own worst enemy when it comes to wimminz, not just what was programmed into you when you were growing up, but also what is programmed into you by your DNA.

Actually, philosophically, intellectually, the REALLY interesting question is why, when presented with two options, both of which lead to dumping your cum in the skank ho, the vast majority of men choose the option that is difficult and demeaning and which has the highest price personally….

My method, laugh and treat them all as skank ho’s who swallow and TIUTA etc

The traditional method, where I get to fuck your wife / girlfriend up the ass, but you never do.

Could it possibly be that most men choose the hard option, and thus perpetuate the insanity of wimminz, because the simple option just seems too fucking simple to possibly work?

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  1. I love your posts, don’t stop writing!

    The idea you talk about where you must control the discourse I totally agree with. You cannot expect wimminz to TELL YOU that she likes it up the arse, you have to be a leader. If you tell her that YOU like it then if she likes you she will do it… SIMPLE!

    Most PUA types talk about this kind of stuff and give it all sorts of pseudo scientific terms but it all boils down to the same thing.

    Have you read the principles of social competence? Read it (leave your ego at the door, readers lol) and see if you can relate it to your own experiences.

    Comment by Evil Penis — May 9, 2011 @ 4:14 pm

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