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January 28, 2011

My work here is done.

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I am only one Man, and there is only so much that one Man can, or should, have to say.

I may, on occasion, add something by way of a post here like this, but essentially I have now said all that I have to say, and that can be found in the pages on the right.

If you have read everything that I have said, and you have come to the conclusion that I have, that the War is over, and we Men have lost, and that the future lies in the next society that rises out of the ashes of this one, then welcome brother.

If you disagree (hell, I could be wrong about everything) then ask yourself if you disagree because you have a logical argument that is more persuasive, or because you just don’t like the answers I come up with…

Me, I’m my own version of MGTOW, I’ll fuck anything, but I won’t support wimminz, and I won’t support the State, as I see the two as inextricably entwined, so in my pacifist agenda, working and paying taxes makes you a collaborator, while the black economy and holding your hand out for state benefits makes you a freedom fighter.

The State stole my home, my possessions, my business and my kids, and I can count myself fucking lucky it did not also steal my liberty and good name, god knows, it tried to.

I have learned my lesson, give nothing to the State, give nothing to wimminz, use both, be a drain on both, within their own laws and systems.

Be the Stainless Steel Rat, burrowing within the walls of the corrupt, cancer and parasite ridden thing that we call society and western economies.

I am a pacifist, I will not raise my hand against the state, or against individuals or wimminz, however, neither will I raise my hand to aid or support any of them in any way.

I aspire to be Nero, fiddling while Rome burns.

I do not aspire to be Neo, making pointless choices between pills and perpetuating battles after the war is already lost.

I am a Man, on my own terms, and if you do not like those terms, well, that’s too bad, because I neither seek nor need your approval.

I am my brother’s keeper, but you must choose whether or not you are my brother.

I am one, but my name is Legion.

(ps, ignore the date this was published, that is just done to keep things in order)

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